Don't Open Until The End of the Hiatus!
posted by Gebohq on 05-23-2010 23:52

So our artist has come down with "Needs-To-Move"-itis, and while moving, he's going to be a bit indisposed. So, being the kind and benevolent mob boss that I am, I made a filler for his absence. Should he take too long, though, I can't promise the contents won't result in a horrific explosion.

In the meantime, why don't you listen to a little related NeS radio bit. And then post on this thread for any feedback, good or bad, you have. Speak up!

Just Cause We Can
posted by Gebohq on 05-09-2010 22:24

Looks like our artist has been playing too many video games instead of doing the comic! So, in the meantime, Miss Fire has taken up her hand at her own video games -- see for yourself!

We let the artist keep this up, his filler strips will be filled with sad girls in snow and dead artist days!

A Gentle Reminder
posted by Gebohq on 04-19-2010 21:58

Sometimes, an artist needs a gentle reminder that there's a comic people are expecting to be updated. Well, theoretical people, in any case. Let's just say that the NeS cast members don't make for good house guests.

Remember, folks: the more support you show our artist, the better chances he has for demanding some sort of payment!

Wait... on second thought, nevermind that last thing.

Miss Fire Not Living Up to Her Name
posted by Gebohq on 03-15-2010 03:28

Who doesn't love a good zombie take-down? Miss Fire sure loves it, so you should too! After all, according to, we all secretly want a zombie apocalypse anyway!

Miss Fire on a zombie (filler)
posted by Gebohq on 02-28-2010 23:59

Once again, perfection is kicking the butt of our hard-working artist, so in the meantime, here's a sneak peak! Look at Miss Fire dealing with that zombie! Talk about sweet!

Leg up!
posted by Gebohq on 02-15-2010 00:03

See Geb kickin' it Mario-style in today's comic! Who would have ever guessed Geb could look so bad-ass?

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